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    The DCDC2 protein has two doublecortin peptide domains. which have been shown to bind to tubulin and enhance microtubule polymerization. When mutations occur in this gene, it effects the protein that gets translated, which leads to the association with the reading disability known as developmental dyslexia (2).

Figure 1. This is an image of the molecule  Doublecortin domain-containing protein 2 (DCDC2). It is a fragment from the DCX domain

Protein Sequence
      Accession Number: NP 057440

 1 msgssarssh lsqpvvksvl vyrngdpfya grrvvihekk vssfevflke vtggvqapfg
61 avrniytprt ghrirkldqi qsggnyvagg qeafkklnyl digeikkrpm evvntevkpv
121 ihsrinvsar frkplqepct ifliangdli npasrllipr ktlnqwdhvl qmvtekitlr
181 sgavhrlytl egklvesgae lengqfyvav grdkfkklpy sellfdkstm rrpfgqkass
241 lppivgsrks kgsgndrhsk stvgssdnss pqplkrkgkk edvnsekltk lkqnvklkns
301 qetipnsdeg ifkagaerse trgaaevqed edtqvevpvd qrpaeivdee edgekankda
361 eqkedfsgmn gdleeeggre atdapeqvee ildhseqqar parvnggtde engeelqqvn
421 nelqlvldke rksqgagsgq deadvdpqrp prpevkitsp eenennqqnk dyaava 1

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