Phylogeny Tree based on Gene sequence

This web page was produced as an assignment for Genetics 677, an undergraduate course at University of Wisconsin: Madison.


Figure 3. This is image an from TreeFam that has been zoomed in and cropped from the larger tree TF318770.

   TreeFam was the only source I could use to analyze DCDC2 gene homologs. This is due to the fact that gene sequences are too long for alignments and other tree-building programs that can be used for protein sequences instead.  This program allows you to search for your gene of interest. This is only a portion of a larger tree since it contains the cluster of genes I am interested in. This tree matches the other evolutionary trees that were derived from protein sequences as well.  The human is most closely related to the chimpanzee which is labeled as PANTR in this database.  This tree did derive other organisms that I did not find using a simple search for homologs within homolgene that were closer in relation to humans such as the MCAMU DCDC2 gene.  MCAMU stands for Macaca Mulatta, which is a type monkey known as a Rhesus Macaque.

(Figure 1) Image of Rhesus Macaque Retrieved on 5/12/09 from
(Figuer 2)TreeFam. 7.

Megan Holler
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